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2024.3.24 Workshop DRESS! in Bangkok, Thailand at People of Ari Thank you to everyone who participated!

2024.7.24 - 27 "Sand Picture Book," directed and structured by Tamio, will be performed in Iwate and Saitama.
2024.7  Our workshops will start in July. Please stay tuned!

[LAPU!]stage photo


- concept -

To a time, place, and story you have yet to discover.
We can help you with that.

The mission of YURIIKA HYAKKATEN is to collaborate with various venues and people to discover the inherent beauty of each moment. The world is like a treasure chest, full of undiscovered time, places, and stories. Let's find and express them together. Let's embark on a journey!

Email: For more information, please visit the "about" section.

2022' [LAPU!]


2017[LAND!] photo by Sakai Shuhei

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