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come to an end with sunset

2023年8月24日〜27日 公演


​Today, too,

I cross borders.

Cast: Momo Watanabe, Shinobu Ozaki, Ryo Tomoida Music: Ryo Okamoto Lighting: Sasaki Murayama Production: Chihiro Yoshioka (Nakayubi Theater Company)

Screenplay and direction: Tamio

Acoustic Advisor | Taku Mitsuhashi
Cooperation: moppun

Kyoto Art Center Production Support Program

Contact us | Eureka Department Store.


Hiva, a truck driver, makes a living by secretly transporting people across borders at night. Currently, the container Hiva is carrying holds a mermaid who longs to become human. Pursuing the mermaid are men with nefarious intentions. The journey of these three individuals unfolds...

Drawing inspiration from Indian mythology revolving around "Amrita," a mythical substance believed to heal and grant immortality, this story follows the quest of half-human beings to become whole. From the shores of Myanmar to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, the narrative traverses Asia.

Note: This story contains depictions of gunfire and death. Please consider these factors when deciding to watch with children.


Performance Schedule

Thursday, August 24th 19:00
Friday, August 25th 19:00
August 26th (Sat) 15:00/20:00
August 27th (Sun) 11:00/15:00

Reception and doors open 20 minutes before the start of the show
The performance is scheduled for 70 minutes.


gallery Main
〒600-8059 京都市下京区麩屋町通五条上ル下鱗形町543-2F


Reservation: General: ¥2,000 / Middle School Students and Below: ¥500 On the Day: General: ¥2,500 / Middle School Students and Below: ¥1,000

Reservation: Please reserve via the following link: or by email: Include in your email:

  1. Name

  2. Date and Time of Attendance

  3. Ticket Type and Quantity

  4. Email Address Send to:

※ Guests from 4th grade and above can attend alone. ※ Guests under 4th grade must be accompanied by a guardian. ※ Child tickets are for middle school students and below.

※ The performance will be conducted entirely in Japanese.




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twitter : @yuri_hyakka


instagram : @yuriika.hyakkaten

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