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Stage/Space Production

Collaborating with various places and people, we excavate the inherent necessity of the location.

We propose various techniques cultivated through narrative, space, music, and video experiences, as needed.

We cherish connecting the excitement between the location, the people there, and everyone who encounters it.

We aim to find the good in each place and person, hoping to spend time together.

Always aiming to create works like a treasure chest, we hope that after leaving "YURIIKA HYAKKATEN" the starry sky will feel more beautiful than ever.

This is what we continue to wish for in our activities.


In 2001, we held our first theatrical performance. Since then, all planning and direction have been carried out under the production of Tamio (Michiko Nakasugi).

From 2009 to 2013, activities were suspended due to Tamio's childbirth. In 2013, we resumed with a reading performance themed around a zoo. We have been working on various projects, not only on stage but also utilizing the experiences and techniques cultivated on stage. In 2017, Harusaki Murayama joined, leading to a team-based structure. In 2019, Chika Imai and Ryo Okamoto joined, and in 2021, Momo Watanabe joined. In 2022, Tamio moved to Thailand, and upon returning in 2023, we returned to Tamio's production format, ending the team-based structure.

Representative/Director: Tamio (Michiko Nakasugi) Accounting: Miwa Seki Operational Support: Harusaki Murayama, Shinobu Ozaki


Tamio / Michiko Nakasugi

Representative of YURIIKA HYAKKATEN. Director, playwright, art director.

Words, music, art, people, time. Capturing the emotions when encountering them vividly, directing stories that turn coincidence into necessity. Always aiming to expand a microcosm-like time and space in creating works, cherishing the sparkle and joy in the hearts of those who come into contact with the works. Directed fashion shows, music concerts, staged zoo productions at Kyoto City Zoo (2017), directed productions at Kurito Art and Culture Hall Sakira Creation Musical 2020.2022, served as a regular writer for the radio drama Kiss FM [Story for two] for 5 years. Wrote "Haruko's Gion Festival". Provided scripts for various projects and served as a navigator for family workshops. Having lived in Thailand for one year and two months since 2022, completely captivated by the Asian continent.

Portfolios (For those who wish to view, please inquire.)



  • Animal Park Stories

  • Family Workshop "DRESS!" (Japanese/English available)

September 2001 1stStage "Space Abduction - First dog on the space-" - Kyoto University West Lecture Hall

May 2002 2ndStage "Zorome -to be or not to be-" - ART COMPLEX1928

November 2002 3rdStage "◎Opake" - ART COMPLEX1928

September 2003 4thStage "Women" - ART COMPLEX1928

June 2004 5thStage "Night Rider" - ART COMPLEX1928

November 2004 DRAMATIC READING.1 "Professor Sense fell in love" - Taiyo Cafe

April 2005 6thStage "Fine Weather Sense," - ART COMPLEX1928

November 2005 7thStage "Dark Restaurant -The LAST LAND-" - Osaka Arts Creation Hall

April 2006 DRAMATIC READING.2 "Dramatic Odd Theater at Cafe etw / shnbi" - Attendance: 200

September 2007 Park Style "Dramatic Odd Theater" (commissioned by HEP HALL) - HEP HALL

May 2008 8thStage "Chocolate Horse" - Atelier Gekken

September 2009 DRAMATIC READING.3 "Let's meet at a cafe" - Cafe etw

2009 Manga adaptation of 5thStage "Night Rider" Illustrations by Masako Shigeta

November 2009 9thStage "Revised Version Zorome" - ART COMPLEX1928

_______ Tamio On maternity/paternity leave, activities suspended 


November 2013 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "1. Good Couple's Day" Keibunsha Ichijoji COTTAGE

March 2014 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "2. Aoki-san I Fell in Love With" Keibunsha Ichijoji COTTAGE

August 2014 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "3. Haruko" Confectionery Workshop Cheka / Limited to 20 spectators

February 2015 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "1. Good Couple's Day", "2. Aoki-san I Fell in Love With", "3. Haruko" Osaka COMMON CAFE

August 2015 "Summer Festival at the Moon Tent" Keibunsha Ichijoji COTTAGE

November 2015 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "1. Good Couple's Day", "2. Aoki-san I Fell in Love With", "3. Haruko", "4. Hoshi" Keibunsha Ichijoji COTTAGE

March 2016 10th Stage "MOON" Rissho Elementary School Music Room

May 2016 Rainbow Time Participating Work "Birthday Thief" at Little seeds Shibumi Elementary School Music Room

October 2016 "LAND" at Little seeds ROME SQUARE

2017 Hayasaki Murayama joins as a member

May 2017 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "5. Zoo Orchestra!" Shimei Hall

July 2017 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "2. Aoki-san I Fell in Love With with Umineko Orchestra" Kyoto City Zoo

September 2017 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "2. Aoki-san I Fell in Love With with Umineko Orchestra" reenactment Itami City Tsukikage Kindergarten

November 2018 11th Stage "1. Block.Planet" gallery Main

2019 Chiika Imai, Ryo Okamoto join as members

May 2019 12th Stage "1. Block.Planet/DRESS!" gallery Main

October 2019 Dramatic Reading Animal Park Stories "6. Family Time" gallery Main

March-May 2020 "Good News!" A news program broadcasting only good news every day on Instagram

April 2020 On-demand sales work Dark Fantasy "Read"

October 2020 Video Experiment "The Man Who Never Walked"

January 2021 Video Work "1. Block.Planet -the blue bird"

February 2021 Video Work "Apple"

March 2021 Video Work "Little Hoshizaki-senpai"

July 2021 13th Stage 1.Block.Planet.4 "LAPU!" gallery Main

2021 Momoko Watanabe joins as a member

___________ Tamio's relocation to Thailand 


August 2023 14th Stage "Subekaraku SUNSET" gallery Main

September 2023 After approximately five years of membership, Tamio goes solo.

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