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July 9, 2017 (Sunday)

Thanks to you, the show has finished! Thank you to everyone who came!

"the Stories on the zoo" has been broadcast repeatedly since 2013.

This year, the event will be held at Kyoto City Zoo, accompanied by live music by the Umineko Band!

Please enjoy a beautiful and warm time.

Romantic Zoo vol.1

"Mr. Aoki, the man I fell in love with"


We conducted a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the production of this show, which is being offered for free. We received generous support from many contributors. To all our backers, thank you very much for your support

Tomoya Nishikawa, haruna101, YOSHIDA COFFEE

colorfulAYA Kaoru snakamichi

Tanakarocker Marie Uetsuka Matsudakenji

fusan0421, Hiromi Uchiyama, onouchidebe

takashi710, Sakamoto Mika, yagiyuka

Nanaco Oki Ken Ashimoto Sachiko Ninomiya

genta izumi Anonymous


Date: July 9, 2017

1st Session: 11:00-
2nd Session: 13:00-

(Doors open 10 minutes before the start of each session)

Venue: Lecture Room, Kyoto City Zoo

Address: 〒606-8333 Kyoto City, Sakyo-ku, Okazaki Hokkeji-cho, Okazaki Park

Admission Fee: Free

(*However, admission to the zoo is required.)

Duration: Approximately 50 minutes

After the performance, there will be a 30-minute talk show with the caretakers. Please feel free to join.

Cast: Tomoita Ryo, Nakamura Kozue
Song: Inori
Music: Umineko Orchestra
Flyer Illustration: Kawamura Masako
Assistant Director: Yonetani Yuriko, Murayama Saki
On-the-Day Production: Tomoita Kisako
Script/Directing: Tamio
Planning/Production: Yuuriika Department Store

For inquiries about this production:

(*No reservations are accepted.)



What is''The Story on the Zoo''

Here's the translation:


"We conducted a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the production of this show, which is being offered for free. We received generous support from many contributors. To all our backers, thank you very much for your support.

It's a slightly mysterious tale set in the fictional zoo, "Aoki Zoo." It tells the story of Hoshino, the chimpanzee caretaker, and Tooko, a world-famous singer, in a love story titled "The Good Couple's Day."

Another story unfolds between Aoki, the director of Aoki Zoo, and Kimi-chan, who comes to live in the zoo, in "The Aoki I Fell in Love With."

The growth story of Haruko, the daughter born between Hoshino and Tooko in "Haruko."

A short musical featuring Haruko's daughter, Akichan, titled "Hoshi."

As an omnibus drama set in one zoo, we have currently staged up to 4 episodes.

We produced it in a reading format, without building a stage set, in the hope that one day it could be performed in a real zoo. We make ample use of music and sound effects to take the audience into a richly imagined world.

In 2017, "The Aoki I Fell in Love With" will be presented at Kyoto City Zoo.

※ The red image is the flyer image from the 2015 performance.

We also share feedback from our audience."


They perform original numbers with beautiful melodies that linger in your ears forever, as well as traditional songs from various countries around the world, including Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In their second album, "Gasparo," which features artwork by Ryo Hiroshi Nishino (of the comedy duo King Kong), they showcase productions with large orchestras reminiscent of movie soundtracks. In 2016, they created a stage production in collaboration with "Sand Art" and performed it in concert halls. They continue to challenge the possibilities of real music, including composing music for theater and performing in planetariums.









2017年春 CD「あなたは輝く月」リリース。





ロームシアター京都一周年事業での構成/演出。KissFM[Story for two]ではラジオドラマのレギュラー作家を担当。



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