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Thank you!!  Performance
Dramatic Reading!
2015 / 11 / 22
11:15〜  open
恵文社一乗寺店 COTTAGE

Supported by Arts Support Kansai

Thank you for coming!

You can read feedback from our customers.

Thank you to everyone who attended on November 22nd, right in the midst of Kyoto's tourist season. We appreciate your presence. We were able to welcome a total of 107 attendees, including adults and children, across all sessions. We sincerely thank you for your feedback, and we'd like to share some of the comments from the surveys we received.

⭐︎ "Animal Park Stories" is a production that can be performed anywhere as long as there are chairs and sound equipment available. If you're interested in hosting a performance or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

- "The voices in 'Hoshi' were very soft, warm, and heartwarming. It was a story that resonated deeply in my heart. The songs were perfectly suited for this story, cute and the music was also precise and wonderful. I'm glad I got to listen to it."

- "Ah, so the director of the planetarium in 'The Aoki I Fell in Love With' was Mr. Aoki. The differentiation between his younger self and his current self was wonderful. Ms. Kozue portrayed a slightly strong-willed yet adorable wife perfectly, and as always, it was moving. Reading plays stimulate the imagination and are enjoyable, like giving your brain a massage. I'd love to see it again!" (Female/ Hoshi・The Aoki I Fell in Love With)

- "The music in 'Hoshi' matched so well that it made me tear up, like twisting a baby's hand. I'm supposed to be a human who doesn't understand basic emotions, but Yuriiika managed to do it. It must be the magic of her sense (words, music, casting, etc)."

- "'Haruko' is a classic. It's wonderful. No matter how many times I see it." (Male/ All performances)

- "It was a very good story. (Female/ Haruko・Hoshi)

- "It was a really good story. When I closed my eyes, the scenes came to mind vividly, like watching a movie. It reminded me of when my daughter was born, and tears welled up. The sound effects were lovely. 'Hoshi' had a very beautiful voice. It felt like reading a picture book. I was very moved." (Female/ Haruko・Hoshi)

- "As a small-scale performance, it was a well-planned and high-quality event supported by a strong sense of aesthetics. The balance of color, music, and space elements was very good for this scale." (Male/ Haruko・Hoshi)

- "I was very moved. I was moved by Haruko and Sato-san's deep love. The singing was wonderful. I was moved." (Young girl/ Haruko・Hoshi)

- "I saw it for the first time. I'll come again." (Anonymous/ Hoshi)

- "It was a wonderful theater production that both adults and children could enjoy. I thought the combination of recitation and singing was high-quality." (Anonymous/ Haruko・Hoshi)

- "It was a very heartwarming performance. After watching 'Haruko' and 'Hoshi,' although they had different atmospheres, one thing I felt was that I wanted to go home and see my family. It's the kind of feeling that makes me want to become a carefree mother like Haru-chan." (Female/ Haruko・Hoshi)

Thank you all for your cooperation in the survey!! We look forward to your continued support in the future!

Yurika Hyakkaten resumed its activities on November 22, 2013.

This year, on November 22nd, we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary!

Thank you all very much.

And guess what? The 22nd falls on a Sunday!

We will perform stories with beloved performers and new acquaintances.

The story of a couple who come to live in the zoo, "The Aoki I Fell in Love With".

The story of a girl who falls in love at the zoo, "Haruko".

And the new work "Hoshi" is a combination of song and story.

As a commemoration of our 2nd anniversary, you can watch "Hoshi" at your preferred price.

Please look forward to it!

Anchor 4

This is a gentle and sparkling story of a couple. It's perfect for a lovely outing on Good Couples' Day.

Yuriika Hyakkaten is performing in Kyoto. This work, "Animal Park Stories," is a reading-style performance that started in 2013. It's a story of a couple and their family set in a zoo.

From the very first performance, children are welcomed to enjoy the show, experiencing the performances of talented actors up close.

This time, we present three stories performed throughout the day of November 22nd. Each story is standalone.

"We Fell in Love with Aoki-san" and "Haruko" have a runtime of 50 minutes each and cost 1000 yen per story. "Hoshi" has a runtime of 20 minutes and you can watch it for a price of your choice.

Enjoy a warm and glittering story on this autumn day. We look forward to seeing you at the Ebumi Shoten Ichijoji COTTAGE venue. (Supported by Arts Support Kansai)

Time schedule / Performer introduction / Venue map / Reservations and Inquiries

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11:15〜  OPEN

※ For those attending "Hoshi", please reserve your seats. Feel free to enjoy a leisurely stroll around Keibunsha.


11:45〜  ① "Hoshi"

            Cast: Inori, Shinobu Ozaki, Konan Oki, Kumi Morimoto

            Lyrics & Composition: Tamio, inori

            Composition & Arrangement: Gapuda

            Duration: 20 minutes

※ "Hoshi" will conclude at 12:05. We have prepared boxes at the reception. Please place the fee for "Hoshi" in the box.

※ "Hoshi" can be viewed at your preferred price.

※ If you would like to continue to watch "The Aoki I Fell in Love With", please inform the reception.


12:30〜  ② "The Aoki I Fell in Love With"

            Cast: Konan Oki, Kozue Nakamura

            Duration: 55 minutes

※ "The Aoki I Fell in Love With" will conclude at 13:25.

※ If you would like to continue to watch "Haruko", please inform the reception.


14:00〜  ③ "Haruko"

            Cast: Shinobu Ozaki, Ryo Tomoita, Kumi Morimoto

            Duration: 55 minutes (→ Duration has been adjusted to 50 minutes)

※ "Haruko" will conclude at 14:50.

※ If you would like to continue to watch "Hoshi", please wait.

※ For those attending "Hoshi" at 15:00, please reserve your seats.


15:15〜  ④ "Hoshi"

            Cast: Inori, Shinobu Ozaki, Konan Oki, Kumi Morimoto

            Lyrics & Composition: Tamio, Inori, Ki Nojiri

            Composition & Arrangement: Gapuda

            Duration: 20 minutes

※ "Hoshi" will conclude at 15:35. Please proceed to the reception to pay the fee.

Thank you for joining us for all the performances.

16:00〜   CLOSE

Each Performance: ¥1000

"Haruko" only: Pay what you like

Students (High school and below): Free admission

Time schedule 

Thank you for your reservation.

After sending, we will send you a confirmation of your reservation from It seems that in some cases, it may not be delivered due to settings on certain mobile addresses. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 days, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us again.

This production welcomes children from the very first performance. Considering the possibility of entry and exit during the show, we will open the door to the garden adjacent to the COTTAGE venue.

We hope you can enjoy the autumn sunshine and the sounds of people living outside through the open door along with the performance.

Thank you for your understanding.



恵文社一乗寺店 COTTAGE 〒606-8184 京都市左京区一乗寺払殿町10 恵文社一乗寺店 南側










Script, direction, space production, production: Tamio

Sound/Taku Mitsuhashi

Lighting/Kirari Works


Lyrics and composition: Tamio

Arrangement and composition: Gapuda

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